Feeling pink.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I've seen so many people wearing pink coats this season..and it's really tempting me to buy one. 

Things that I wear on a daily basis.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rose L'Occitane perfume
Okay, I am going to start clockwise with my favorite Rose L'Occitane perfume. I love the sweet blissful scent it has, I wish it had a longer wear but I guess this is why I love it even more. As it fades, it smells very delicate and soft. In the mornings I like to spritz it in the air and dance around in it. For a more stronger scent, I usually dab some on my wrists. 
Just the feeling of slipping on my ring makes me feel so complete. I got the ring at this vintage boutique that just happened to sell jewelry! 
It was on sale it was my lucky day. 
 I always loved the round beaded bracelets I found in stores, but they weren't very me. I was inspired to make my own and decided to go to San Francisco Chinatown to find jade beads. The jeweler also sold these patterned beads as well so I decided to mix it up with the jade beads. 
I actually lost my favorite pair of earrings, so I decided to venture out to go buy new ones. When I saw these rose earrings I had to have them! The touch of gold makes it so much more elegant.